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The Alabama Safety Institute (ASI) is a non -profit company that has provided innovative educational programs for the courts, law enforcement, businesses and individuals for more than thirty years.

The programs include driver education, substance abuse education, anger management and crimes of theft.  The substance abuse education program is administered under contract from the Alabama State Administrative Office of Courts.  (ASI) also provides our educational products throughout the state to other providers through the Sub-Agent Program. The office staff at (ASI) is highly experienced in coordinating with court officials and providing accurate information to clients.  The facilitators of the educational programs are experienced professionals.  They administer the various programs in a manner that promotes an understanding of the information.  The goal of (ASI) is to promote a better quality of life through education for the people of Alabama.


The Alabama Safety Institute, Inc. (ASI) is a private nonprofit organization that provides innovative practices and programs to law enforcement, the court system, citizens, and businesses to ensure the community’s public safety.


ASI provides educational programs within the court system that is creative and innovative. The latest information provides a foundation for the student to be a better driver reducing the potential for loss of life and property. The drug education program and juvenile and youth programs are administered through the Administrative Office of Courts. Statistics have shown that these programs are effective in the reduction of repeat offenders. The anger management program provides the client with an understanding the factors connected with anger problems enabling improved behavior.


The organization is governed and accountable to a Board of Directors comprised of a cross section of reputable individuals who are public servants, business leaders, elected officials, civic and community leaders from Mobile and Baldwin Counties . No member of the governing body receives any compensation from the organization, whether directly or indirectly. None of the members of the governing body are permitted by Board policy to have any financial interest in the organization.


ASI is funded through “user fees” and does not receive any funding from local, county or state sources. However, ASI may apply from time to time for government grants and other public sources to fund its community awareness programs. User fees are collected from each participant in the respective programs. The fees are based on similar programs that are presented in other like organizations. The Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) and the court system, however, set the fees for some programs. AOC, under the direction of the Alabama Supreme Court, sets Level I and Level II DUI school fees.

ASI is audited annually by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


ASI is a member of the Alabama Trucking Association, the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the American Correctional Association, the Alabama Association Community Corrections, and the Court Referral Officer Association of Alabama.